Pricing Options

Choose the plan that best works within your budget!

12 Month Basic Budget

  • Calculated at today's price plus 20% and last year's actual usage
  • Deliveries made at daily pricing - could be higher or lower than budget amount resulting in year-end adjustment in June
  • First monthly payment due by July 15th
  • All account balances must be zero by end of June
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Budget Ceiling Plan / #2 Fuel Oil

  • Budget calculated at Fixed Rate plus downside protection of $.30 per gallon and last year's actual usage
  • First monthly payment due by July 15th
  • Delivery price will not exceed Fixed Rate, but if daily cash price is lower, your account will be charged lower price
  • Account balances may be used to calculate next year's budget payment
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Fixed Prepaid Plan #2 Fuel Oil
Optional Downside Protection

  • Prepaid plans are now available - please call for current pricing
  • Basic Plan: Minimum 300gal purchase. Price fixed at contract price. See contract for additional terms and details
  • Optional downside protection is available at $.30 per gallon and guarantees lower charge if price goes lower than prepaid amount
  • Customers over the age of 65 receive a $.03 per gallon discount
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* The information listed above is to assist with your preliminary purchasing decisions only. Please see Purchase Agreement for full terms and details for each plan.